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(WCSC) - Construction along Park West Boulevard in Mount Pleasant is taking longer than planned. Work on the widening of Park West Boulevard from two lanes to four lanes was originally planned to be finished in March. Now, Project Engineer Daniel Williamson says they’ve issued a contract extension through the end of April and hope to be finished as soon as possible. He says weather, COVID-19, a surveying conflict, and an underground utility relocation issue have all contributed to the delays. The main goal of the project is to improve traffic congestion along this stretch of the road. Additional traffic improvement projects are planned for this same area of Mount Pleasant in the future. Williamson says within the next few years, they plan to extend All American Boulevard to Park West Boulevard. Drivers will access this road by turning onto George Browder Boulevard from Highway 17. (Source: Live 5) Williamson says within the next few years, they plan to extend All American Boulevard to Park West Boulevard. Drivers will access this road by turning onto George Browder Boulevard from Highway 17. That’s right by the Church at Life Park. “The primary purpose of the project is to improve traffic congestion and promote interconnectivity along the corridor,” Williamson said. He added that the project will provide safety improvements and facilities for bicyclists. and Williamson says this also includes an 8-foot shared use path for pedestrians and improved multi-modal transportation. The road extension will provide another access point not only for businesses like Publix and Mex 1 Cantina, but also for neighborhoods along Park West Boulevard. Williamson says construction on this new road extension is planned for the 2023-2024 fiscal year. He says the project should not cause any delays to the public because the try this site roadway will be constructed through wooded land. Plans show the project is expected to cost over $5 million.

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The Women Powering Biden's Economy Are Rewriting The Course Of American History "I'm not really going to be satisfied if we return the economy to February 2020," Jones told NPR. "I think we can do better than that. I think we can return the economy to a time when wages were growing for workers, when bargaining was strong, when we saw benefits sneak a peek at this web-site really increasing." From her perch at the Labor Department, Jones is one of the Biden administration officials facing the enormous task of addressing historic economic disparities that have only intensified during the global pandemic — in particular for communities of color. At a time when the economy is showing signs of rebound, the focus for Jones is how to ensure those gains reach everyone. As a graduate of Spelman College, the historically Black women's college, Jones has spent much of her career focused on racial inequality. Before joining the Biden administration, Jones was a managing director at the Groundwork Collaborative, an economic think tank focused on pushing progressive policies. During her work, Jones coined the phrase "Black Women Best" as a way to gauge the health of the economy through the lens of whether Black women and other marginalized groups are thriving. "I'm a Black woman. I center Black women in a lot of my thinking. But I think you can really apply this to all types of groups that we usually don't center. We can think about indigenous women, Latinx women, workers with disabilities, non-native speakers, LGBTQ individuals." For Biden Administration, Equity Initiatives Are A Moral Imperative The idea is that if those groups are doing well, then that means the entire economy is prospering. Jones stressed that this philosophy is not about putting one group above another, but instead about making sure that people are not left behind. "The trolls on Twitter would say things like, 'You just want Black women to be rich and then everyone else to be poor.' ... That's definitely not what I mean. Also, that's not the way the system is currently structured. It's impossible for that to happen," Jones said. As part of President Biden's agenda to create more jobs, the White House is now pushing a $2 trillion bill that focuses on traditional infrastructure, as well as a number of items aimed at addressing historic racial injustices. Jones said measures like increasing help for communities dissected by highway construction and replacing lead pipes are the types of actions that could help alleviate long-term disparities. But the plan is already facing push back from Republicans, and even some Democrats, who say the White House proposal is too broad and expensive. Here's What's In President Biden's $2 Trillion Infrastructure Proposal The latest job numbers illustrate the stark challenge that the administration faces.