Ever Looked At Sport?


But all in all, the agency responded well, Gribner said. The costs could’ve been worse. The completion date of the project might be affected slightly, he said, but not by much. Expect construction from the Spokane River to Columbia Avenue to start later this month, and construction from Sprague Avenue to the Spokane River to start mid-May. Ongoing railroad realignment will continue, keeping the Wellesley interchange closed. New funding to accelerate the project is possible Spokane lawmakers have pushed to get funding to accelerate the project, and it could happen this year if a proposed transportation revenue package passes. Democrats have been working on a transportation revenue package throughout the session, but senators complicated it slightly last week when they tied a new transportation package to two controversial climate change bills – part of what they dub a “grand bargain.” The grand bargain would tie any new spending on roads and highways to proposals that would reduce carbon emissions – a way to invest in new infrastructure while simultaneously cleaning the air, Billig said. That package made some strides on Thursday, when the two climate bills, the “cap-and-trade” and clean fuel standards proposals, passed the Senate after a lengthy debate . Democrats and Gov. Jay Inslee have tried to pass both proposals for years. The cap-and-trade bill would put a cap on greenhouse gas emissions and force companies that cannot meet that cap to purchase carbon allowances from the state. The clean fuel standards bill would reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuel 20% by 2035, according to the bill. To do so, the bill would incentivize the creation of alternative fuels in the state and penalize producers of transportation fuels that don’t meet the standards. If both of those proposals reach final passage in the House, it may be more likely that a proposed transportation revenue package passes as well. The clean fuel standards bill already passed the House earlier this session, but legislators will need to review the amended version again. The cap-and-trade bill may face a tougher road. Last week, the Senate Ways and Means Committee attached an amendment to the clean fuels standard bill that requires at least $500 million more every two years for transportation before the new standard could go into effect. Currently in the Senate, there’s a $17.8 billion my company package floating around , which would use a 9.8-cent gas tax increase, revenue from cap-and-trade and other fees to fund new transportation projects.


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For example, January of this year saw 297 wildfires in California — almost tripling the five-year average for that month. During that same month in 2020, there were 97 wildfires that burned 22 acres . 1,171 acres were burned this January, statewide. Moreover: From January 1 through April 4, California firefighters have collectively battled 995 fires that burned a total of 3,007 acres. Per the newspaper, this is a massive increase from the 697 fires that charred 1,266 acres in the same time period last year. Currently, the entire state is experiencing some level of drought conditions; the Bay Area is now classified as being under "moderate" drought conditions, while Wine Country and the vast majority of Southern California are experiencing "severe" or "extreme" drought levels. The aforementioned desiccation has transformed the grasslands and shrubbery groves many of the state's wildlife depend on into food deserts. Among the casualties caused by this lack of available sustenance? California’s threatened tule elk populations — which, as of publishing, number less than 6,000 examples split up between an estimated 22 herds sprinkled throughout the state. According to KRON4 , the National Park Service recorded 152 tule elks that have died from these drought conditions, simultaneously highlighting the fragile conservation status of the subspecies while also showing how the effects of climate change on biodiversity are detrimental (and somewhat unpredictable). “This is a very rare animal," says animal activist Fleur Dawes. "These are rare, native, endemic to California. Tule elk. They are a symbol of this area. Yet right behind this fence, 152 animals were allowed to die during a drought." Again: These animals didn't die from heat exhaustion — they perished from starvation. (Most of California’s tule elk herds exist inside fenced acreage, so a plan has been proposed to remove some of those fence lines to expand the animals' access to additional grazing pastures.) Though the National Park Service’s 1998 tule elk management plan describes that population decline is a natural process and the recent deaths are within normal and predicted population fluctuations, it's the cause of their passings that has sparked concern.